Roland Zahn, Ph.D., a Janssen scientist and expert in viral vaccines, was at the front lines of research during the Ebola outbreak. Today he and his team are working at record speed to help deliver a potential vaccine for the novel coronavirus.
Scientists at the facility, opening in the nation's capital this year, will be focused on advancing breakthrough ideas for safeguarding people around the world from pandemics like Covid-19, infectious diseases and other health threats.
Check out this infographic breakdown of the company’s first-quarter 2020 performance, with key highlights from its pharmaceutical, consumer and medical devices businesses.
From work on a potential vaccine to a $50 million commitment in support of healthcare workers on the very front lines of the crisis around the world, learn how the company has taken action to help respond to the pandemic.
Dr. Dongchen Zhou was a practicing cardiologist in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, when he received a call to help volunteer at a hospital in Wuhan. Over a month later, he's still treating Covid-19 patients—and recounts for us what his journey has been like.
The funds will be earmarked for assisting the doctors, nurses, midwives and community health workers who are working tirelessly to treat patients around the world during the novel coronavirus pandemic.
The coronavirus has made headlines as it has spread from China to other parts of the world. To help stop the global outbreak in its tracks, Johnson & Johnson is already hard at work on a potential preventive vaccine.
The company's Chief Global Supply Chain Officer shares the measures the company has taken to maintain its supply chain operations during the current novel coronavirus outbreak.
Episode 2
The Road to a Vaccine
A groundbreaking eight-week series, "The Road to a Vaccine," explores the COVID-19 crisis and the global efforts to develop a vaccine candidate. This week, three leading scientists who have been on the frontlines of Zika, malaria and HIV give you the inside scoop on the latest in the development of a coronavirus vaccine, and the process of going from lab to clinic.
What it Takes to Create a Coronavirus Vaccine in Record Time

Learn more about our guests.
What it Takes to Create a Coronavirus Vaccine in Record Time
What it Takes to Create a Coronavirus Vaccine in Record Time

Recent Johnson & Johnson Initiatives in the Spotlight

Learn more about the company’s latest groundbreaking programs, game-changing innovations and global partnerships—all aimed at helping change the trajectory of health for humanity.
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